Floor To Cieling Post System

Floor to cieling and custom wall post system....

Slotted or Punch Tube available in a full range of sizes and slot combinations, single sided, double sided or all sides.

Square Slotted or Punch Tube sizes:

25mm x 25mm, 32mm x 32mm, 51mm x 32mm and 50mm x 50mm

Round Slotted or Punch Tube sizes:

32mm, 50mm and 63mm

Pitch Sizes:

40mm Pitch Punched Tube -- One row ( 19mm x 11mm ) - Multi-sides

25mm Pitch Slotted Tube -- One or Two rows of Slots ( 19mm x 3.5mm ) - Multi Sides

41mm Pitch Punched Tube -- One row ( 21mm x 14mm ) - Multi-sides

50mm Pitch Punched Tube -- One row ( 28mm x 14mm ) - Multi-sides

60mm Pitch Punched Tube -- One row ( 42mm x 10mm ) - Multi-sides

Standard Tube Lengths:

1500mm, 1800mm, 2400mm 2700mm,3000mm (over 3000mm will be sleeved joined)

Tube Accessories:

Top Ceiling Fitting, Bottom Adjustable Foot, Bottom Cover Sleeve and Wall Mounts.


Available in chrome or any powdercoat finish to suit your stotre branding or colour scheme.


A full range of accessories available to suit, please click this link for a sample range:


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